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Welcome to the Affiliates & Links page. To become one of our affiliates, you may contact us at hpspells@gmail.org with your site name, the banner (or code for the banner) you'd like placed here, and the link to the page where we may find your link back to the Harry Potter Spells website... more

Harry Potter Spells Affiliates
Harry Potter book 7, film 5 news, images, interviews, merchandise and more The Three Broomsticks--Theories, Quizzes, Trivia, Discussion and more
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Floo Network

To affiliate or link to us use either one of the large or small images (or code) avaliable. The large image entitles an affiliation banner (max 468x60) image the small image entitles a link banner (max 288x36) image or link text.

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