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Welcome to the spell list page. Here you can view all the spells that have been featured on the site leading up to the currently featured spell. For each spell a description* of its effect is provided as well as the book/movie from which it was taken.

Spell No.Spell PhraseDescriptionTaken From
1 ExpelliarmusUsed to block unfriendly spells or to disarm someone. Chamber of Secrets
2 Expecto patronumConjures up a Patronus, a kind of positive force, a projection of hope, happiness, the desire to survive. It is a kind of anti-dementor, a guardian that acts as a shield between a person and a dementor. A Patronus can also be used to send a short distance message. Prisoner of Azkaban
3 ImpedimentaThe Impediment Curse. Temporarily slows the movement of a person or object. Order of the Phoenix
4 MobilicorpusCauses a corpse or unconscious person to move as if conscious. Prisoner of Azkaban
5 EvanescoA vanishing spell. Causes an item(s) to disappear. Order of the Phoenix
6 SonorusMagnifies the natural voice to sound as though electronically amplified. Goblet of Fire
7 Petrificus TotalusFull Body Bind. Binds a persons entire body, preventing movement. Sorcerer's Stone
8 Wingardium LeviosaCauses an item to levitate (i.e. fly). Sorcerer's Stone
9 Lacarnum InflamaraeProduces a burst of fire from the wand. Sorcerer's Stone
10 QuietusReturns the voice to its normal level after Sonorus was used. Goblet of Fire
11 TarantallegraThe Spider Legs Hex. Causes the legs to wobble uncontrollably. Order of the Phoenix
12 FunnunculusCauses a person to experience skin boils. Goblet of Fire
13 ImmobilusInduces paralysis. Chamber of Secrets
14 RictusempraCauses a person to experience a tickling sensation all over the body. Chamber of Secrets
15 StupefyStuns a person or creature (renders unconscious). Goblet of Fire
16 EngorgioIncreases the physical size of an object. Goblet of Fire
17 ProtegoA Shield Charm. Creates a temporary shield and blocks simple attacks. Order of the Phoenix
18 LumosProduces light from the tip of the wand. Prisoner of Azkaban
19 Locomotor MortisThe Leg-Locker Curse. Glues a person's legs together. Sorcerer's Stone
20 ApareciumReveals the content of anything written using invisible ink. Chamber of Secrets
21 LegilimensAttempts to break into someone's thoughts. Order of the Phoenix
22 EnnervateRevives a person (or creature) stunned by Stupefy. Goblet of Fire
23 NoxPuts out the light generated by Lumos. Prisoner of Azkaban
24 IncarcerousBinds the target by conjuring ropes. Order of the Phoenix
25 SerpensortiaConjures a serpent. Chamber of Secrets
26 ImperioThe Imperius Curse. Puts a person under your complete control. An Unforgivable Curse. Goblet of Fire
27 PortusCauses an object to become a portkey. A portkey is used for instantaneous transportation from one place to another. Order of the Phoenix
28 AlohomoraUnlocks a closed container, door, window, etc. that was sealed manually or with a simple locking charm. Sorcerer's Stone
29 Aresto MomentumReduces (or retards) the speed of a moving object. Prisoner of Azkaban
30 ReducioReduces the physical size of an object. The counter to Engorgio. Goblet of Fire
31 Arania ExumeRepels arachnids (spiders). Chamber of Secrets
32 CrucioThe Cruciatus Curse (Also called the torture curse). Inflicts significant pain upon a person (or creature). An Unforgivable Curse. Goblet of Fire
33 Vipera EvanescaVanishes a serpent that was conjured using Serpensortia. Chamber of Secrets
34 Avada KedavraThe Killing Curse. Causes instantaneous death without leaving any physical marks. This spell cannot be blocked using a shielding charm and has no counter spell. An Unforgivable Curse. Goblet of Fire
35 Finite Incantartem Cancels and/or reverses the effects of most curses or hexes. It should be noted that some spells require specific counter spells to be nullified; the effects of some others cannot be undone. Chamber of Secrets

* The descriptions provided state what is expected to occur if the spell is successful cast. Almost all spells have a counter spell
   or a means of escape, so merely casting the spell  might not necessarily result in the expected outcome.

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